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Participatory Quantitative Ethnography (PQE)


The Participatory Quantitative Ethnography (PQE) SIG explores opportunities, challenges, methods and tools which support QE research that more fully involves participants in shaping QE analyses. The intent is to co-create knowledge with people who are affected by the phenomena being investigated and the QE analyses claiming to describe them. These approaches challenge existing power dynamics and roles among the ‘researcher’ and ‘the researched’ and raise questions about the ‘how’, ‘for what’, ‘for whom’, and ‘with whom’ during all aspects of the research process.

Please refer to the following presentations and reports from members of the SIG to understand PQE and its potential applications:


Mike Phillips – michael.phillips@monash.edu


Golnaz Arastoopour Irgens, Clemson University

Simon Buckingham Shum, University of Technology Sydney

Mike Phillips, Monash University

Mamta Shah, Elsevier

Hazel Vega Quesada, Clemson University

Abigail Wooldridge, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Karin Frey, University of Washington

Mariah Knowles, University of Wisconsin-Maddison