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4th Annual QE Community Data Challenge:
QE as a reflective lens on global culture in 2023

March 29 – April 5, 2023 & May 15 - May 19 2023

We’re excited to announce our 4th Annual QE Community Data Challenge!

This year, the 4th Annual Data challenge will take place across two sessions during which members of the QE community will work in small teams to analyze pre-selected datasets related to education, public health, and other areas of interest or to bring your own dataset for analysis. You will have an opportunity to indicate your session preference in the registration process. Aiming to continue the momentum of QE community building and collaboration, the data challenge serves as an opportunity for people to interact with others, collaborate on meaningful work, and learn from each other about tools, methods, data, and interpretation in an accelerated time frame.

This year’s participants will have two choices for selecting datasets:

  1. Classic: Similar to past data challenges, join a team that mutually determines the data set they wish to analyze (selecting from curated or co-created datasets that are new to all participants),
  2. OR

  3. Bring Your Own Data (BYOD): Be part of a team that has brought their own data set and is seeking collaboration to gain insights from fresh analysis and findings.

Those wanting to form a BYOD team will have an opportunity to indicate so in the registration process. To start the buzz and stay up to date, sign-up and visit the #qe-datachallenge channel in our QE Slack Worksplace,

This event is open to everyone, regardless of experience level.

Timeline and Events

Registration and Teams

There will be 90 minute meetings on March 29, April 1, and 5 for Session 1 and on May, 15, 17, and 19 for Session 2. Times for each meeting are listed below:

Session 1 (Europe, Africa, and some of the East/Mid Americas): 12 noon in the Eastern US; 6pm in Paris/Berlin/Cape Town, etc. on March 29, April 1, and 5

Session 2 (Asia, Oceania, and the Americas): 8pm in the Eastern US; 9am + 1 day in Tokyo, 10am +1 day in Sydney on May, 15, 17, and 19

Following the data challenge week, teams are welcome to join a post-data challenge community feedback session to have a more in-depth discussion on specific research/publication projects.


Registration for the Challenge opens Monday, March 6. Please sign-up and join us! Registration is easy! Just click here and tell us a little about your skills and interests to match you with a team. Registration for Session 1 will close on March 22 and registration for Session 2 will close on May 8.