Upcoming Webinars

About the Event

The monthly QE Webinar Series showcases emerging research and exciting new developments in Quantitative Ethnography. These one-hour events begin with a 30-minute presentation by a scholar from the QE community, followed by 30 minutes of moderated discussion. You can attend live via video-conferencing software!, and you will also be able to access recordings of the presentations shortly after they occur. Attendance is free and open to the public, but registration is required to receive each event’s link. Any enquiries regarding these webinars please email events@qesoc.org.

Upcoming Webinars

July 12,  8am (CST), 3PM (CET), 4PM (IDT), and 11PM+1day (AEST)

Putting the E in QE: How Quantitative Ethnography can Enrich
Qualitative Analyses

Yotam Hod

University of Haifa

In this session, we will take a deep look at a case study where Epistemic Network Analysis (ENA) was employed after the completion of a qualitative analysis that showed the emotional development of a classroom learning community, ultimately leading to new findings and insights. Based on this example, our session will explore how ENA can be used to both confirm the results of qualitative investigations, as well as to extend on their findings by suggesting new ways to qualitatively explore data. As an additional feature of this presentation, the exploration of this case study will highlight ways in which ENA can be used to examine complex socioemotional phenomena.

June 14, 8AM (CST), 3PM (CET), 11 PM+1day (AEST)

QE Data ChallengeField Report: Reflecting on the benefits of multidisciplinary research teams

Daniel Spikol

University of Copenhagen, DK

Barbara Wasson

University of Bergen, Norway

Stefano Schiavetto

State University of Campinas, Brazil

Karoline Schnaider

University of Umeå, Sweden

For our seminar, we unpack our experiences and the resulting paper presented at the ISQE 2021 conference. The seminar looks at how a diverse team from multiple countries and research disciplines worked together with the QE tools to investigate how the different countries in Scandinavia responded at the beginning of 2020 (January to March). We use our paper, "Governmental Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic-A Quantitative Ethnographic Comparison of Public Health Authorities' Communication in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden", as a case to explore and reflect on the tools and team building. The seminar explores the challenges and opportunities of working with these tools.